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Nilesh Nadkarni  December 3, 2014
All the best for all the teams. Play a good game and unleash your talent. This is a good chance for all the players to showcase their football skills.
Rachana D  December 4, 2014
Best of luck to all the teams. Play Well and enjoy the game.
Vijay  December 5, 2014
Time to Unleash your talent. All the young football aspirants get ready to showcase your skills as the darshan trophy is coming your way. Good luck to all the teams and players
Manasi Kandekar.  December 5, 2014
Football is a game about sharing, honest and is a team game. All the best for all the teams and players. Cheers...
Shradha.N  December 6, 2014
All the best for all the teams. Play well
Aparna Pednekar  December 6, 2014
Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit. Be a WINNER- You CAN DO IT. All the Best to all the participants.
Aparna Zamabhavalikar  December 6, 2014
All the best to all the teams...
Swati Devagekar  December 6, 2014
In life as in football, you won't go far unless you know where the goalposts are....All the best to all the teams...
Deepika  December 6, 2014
DUFC is the one of the best platform in BELAGAVI,where football players can show their talent.Wish you all the very best to all the teams.Give your BEST.....
Pascal Lima  December 10, 2014
Get ready to witness the next level of football in Belagavi. Unleash your talent and be the best.
Sanket Patil  December 16, 2014
One of the best tournament I played is D.U.F.C. I m from gadhinglaj
Richard Stanislaus  December 16, 2014
Hi very eager to play your Tournament we are from Pune if any upcoming tournament please let us know. Thanks. Richard.Stanislaus 9922991143
dipen  June 15, 2015
I want to join your club from pune
DUFC   June 20, 2015
Thank you dipen for showing your interest in DUFC . Send us your contact number and email id
Farhaan Khoja  August 17, 2015
Waheed Sattikar  August 18, 2015
Best wishes for another successful Tournament.
Vijay  August 27, 2015
It was excellent season 3.... We made it large this year... cant wait for the season 4 :-)
mahesh  August 27, 2015
grt to c football development in belgaum...tanQ
Vicky Gottam - Pheonix English Medium School  September 8, 2015
One of the good tournament in all over Belgaum.And this tournament should be continued for years & years.Rating - Excellent
P V Kadagadki, Gogte Institute of Technology  September 8, 2015
Hats off to the organizer for organizing it wonderfully.Rating - Very Good.
Sankalp & Jotiba - MVM English Medium School  September 8, 2015
We liked the arrangement done for the tournament and the fair decisions of the committee. Rating - Excellent
Raju K.R - Oriental Eng Med School   September 8, 2015
It was a marvelous decision taken to bring Climax Laurence.We appreciate the way School/College level students play to develop Football.Rating- Very Good.
P V Kadagadki, Gogte Institute of Technology   September 8, 2015
It was a right decision to bring Former Indian Football Captain Climax Lawrence,It Inspired football players and the lovers of this game.
Neha N.S - KLS High School  September 8, 2015
Darshan Trophy Season-3 was excellent,Well organized and the motivation given to the players is great.Rating -Excellent
Rev.Fr.Basil -Principal St.Pauls High school, Belgaum  September 8, 2015
Darshan Trophy is organized in a very systematic and meticulous planning makes it a memorable event.Timely advise by the organizer to teams and specific players helps,boosts the games.Highly motivational trophy.Rating - Excellent
Rev.Fr.Jimmy - Vice Principal St.Pauls High school, Belgaum   September 8, 2015
Thank You for giving a platform to young boys to express their love for Football. Darshan Trophy brings the best out of players.The discipline & talk with the young budding players makes a big difference to the games.
Prasad Patil- Sports coordinator -Shaikh Group of Institutions  September 8, 2015
Darshan trophy is held in a professional and disciplined manner.Rating - Excellent
Vaibhav Arjunwadkar - KLS Vasantrao Potdar Polytechnic college  September 8, 2015
Very well organized .thus the craze,everybody waits for Darshan Trophy.It is an encouraging trophy for the youth and an unforgettable tournament.Rating -Excellent.
Joe Bhutelo - Jain Degree College  September 8, 2015
We enjoyed the DUFC trophy and it was a good competition Hope it goes always the same way to help the game of Football.This trophy is well organized and disciplined.Rating - Excellent
C.Ramarao - KLE's Lingaraj College  September 8, 2015
Darshan Trophy gives the right motivation for upcoming footballers.Rating -Very good.
Joel D'Mello - St.Xaviers College  September 8, 2015
Darshan Trophy provides encouragement to young talents and is very well organized.Keep up the good work of giving so many boys to play the game.Rating - Excellent
Vijaykumar DVS  September 8, 2015
Bhagwan ke charno may ardaas karooga ki aap har saal isee taraha Darshan trophy karte rahe bhagwan aapko 100 baras aapko shakti de aur bhagwan ki bhakti bi karte rahe.Good trophy.
Santosh Sungar  September 8, 2015
Well organized event,great finals keep up the good work.
Sheetal Patil  September 8, 2015
Great Event .Congratulations..
Amit Masekar   September 8, 2015
Congrats one more successful tournament from Darshan Club was awesome to watch.Thanks a lot for promotion of Football in such a way .
Shrihanji   September 8, 2015
Congratulations to Darshan Team and your hard work.
Mohammad   September 8, 2015
Congratulations for the great success of 3rd season Darshan Trophy..
Abhishek - Sensegiz  September 8, 2015
Great Event Kudos to your leadership!
Salim phaniband  September 8, 2015
Mubaarak ho sir aap ko aur aap ke Darshan group ko Good Tournament
Shoaib - Dharwad   September 8, 2015
It was lovely to watch the beautiful games congrats on its great success. Keep up the good work going inshallah..
Santosh L Patil - Bangalore  September 8, 2015
Hearty congratulations good games and great show keep up the good work and promote the game.
Vinod Patil  September 8, 2015
Thanks for developing football in Belgaum. Darshan Trophy season 3 was No.1
Sanju Sateri   September 8, 2015
Match baghitaly sundar aayojanbaddal Abhinandan.Congratulations..
Shabir Khan   September 8, 2015
Superb keep it up..
Shrikant Achgaonkar  September 8, 2015
Congrats for organizing disciplined and successful tournament.
Pradeep Patil  September 8, 2015
Darshan Trophy was Jam packed,Colorful and well conducted everyone enjoyed it.
Amit Patil  September 8, 2015
It is only Darshan Team who can make impossible things possible in football Congratulations
Bharat Deshpande  September 8, 2015
Great Trophy & good work
Fazal Mujawar  September 8, 2015
Congrats Season 3 a great success Wishing Darshan Team success for years to come & will be always be around.
nilesh  November 19, 2015
Hey can u plz call me .... I got someone to join your club.... My No 8800607269
maruti gudagagol  February 8, 2016
i ma marui my form is Gokak my tima playing for Darshan football Trophy no 9620342120
Malikjan  August 20, 2016
Do u have any open tournament in belgaum recently season
Nishit Prabhu  April 6, 2017
I also want to join the club I'm U-16 category Striker. what is the procedure to join the club
Sk  July 20, 2017
Any updates on darshan tournament 2017?
harshajb  August 31, 2017
one of the professional tournament organised dufc members forever Hatts off.
The New College, Kolhapur  September 1, 2017
FARHAAN KHOJA  September 6, 2017
The Best tournament Ever seen in Belgaum City next to Royceton Gomes. Best of luck DUFC team and Darshan too
Mohammed  September 6, 2017
Very good tournament
Vipin  September 6, 2017
Sir I need yesterday match photos Meredian college mangalore photos
Mohammed  September 6, 2017
Thanks darshan Football club for organizing disciplined and successful tournament.
PG  September 9, 2017
Its awesome arrangements Season 5 and welcoming great teams to Belagavi. Lucky to have A DADA AND FAMILY.
K L S girls 2017-18.  October 6, 2017
sir please ,organize the club also for girls . As we are interested in football and we want some support form you .sir . It was a best tournament also for girls.
Omkar patil  December 21, 2017
Rohan Jadhav   August 20, 2018
I want to join your club as a goalkeeper
vishal  September 17, 2018
when is darshan trophy 2018-19 and can any clg participate in it?
Rajesh R Kalekar  September 26, 2018
Congratulations to Mr Darshan Desai. Mr Desai a request to you for this upcomming season to include College girls team in the Darshan Trophy. It would be a great boost for the girls to show their talent.
Rajesh R Kalekar  September 26, 2018
Mr Desai as said by you n your presidents message, The Darshan football club wants to provide a platform to all the players to showcase their talent. In Belagavi we have good talent in football and our aim is to promote this game from the school and college levels. Request you to give a chance to the Girls College Teams also to participate in this years tournament and show their talent.
Frahye  November 21, 2018
Great and nice post